Chocolate Sushi


Romanicos celebrates the spirit of chocolate creating the ultimate fantasy in the shape of sushi, Miami Sushi. Filled tropical fruits, this chocolate extravaganza is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. The sushi chocolate collection is actually composed by tiny pieces of edible art. Each one is hand crafted to resemble a real sushi piece. Every design is unique; the ingredients have been carefully chosen to mimic the shape and color of its equivalent in a real sushi dish. Guava replaces tuna, mango replaces salmon and ginger, papaya replaces salmon eggs, green colored marzipan replaces wasabi and crispy rice has been used instead of rice. Not only are these artful and delicious creations, but they are also original gifts for chocolate lovers and art enthusiasts alike. Miami Sushi is available for catering and special events. 6 pieces assorted