Sample Gifts

Opportunity as pre arrival gift for incentives groups!!

We can ship this award winning book anywhere your client desires weeks or months before your program. (They were just shipped in January 2012 for an April 2014 program.)

Get attendees excited about the great stories of South Beach before they arrive for their stay.

The comeback of South Beach is one of the most dramatic phoenix-like events in modern American History. South Beach: Stories of A Renaissance captures the individual accounts of economic, cultural and political renewal that has created the dynamic international resort that is today’s South Beach. Written by Charles J. Kropke and Eleanor Goldstein, the book is a treasure trove of original stories and nascent legends. These stories are the culmination of over four dozen personal interviews with influential leaders of South Beach. When added to the original artwork of painter Joe Davis and the stunning photography from Joe and fellow photographer, Petra Mason, the book is a masterful addition to the existing literature of Florida history lavishly illustrated with 150 full color images including 4 double page gate folds. Publisher, Ausbert de Arce, founder of Assouline and Taschen America, has commented “this is one of the best books I have ever been involved with and by far one of the best ever on South Beach”.

$50.00 plus tax and delivery. Additional charge for signed copies.
Author is available for speaking engagements.
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A Taste of Cuba

Five decades after the fall of Fulgencia Batista in Cuba the allure of an earlier island paradise has not diminished. Get a taste of this nostaglic Cuba through our carefully crafted gift bag of things Cubana.

Enjoy a fine cigar from Bello & Bello; five generations of a Cuban cigar making family, still curing their tobacco the old way, in Spanish red wine.

How about a recipe for a Mojito? This Cuban cocktail will come with everything necessary to mix one, rum included of course.

Add a sweet Cuban confection, candy with a tropical twist, and an original piece of Cuban art, presented in a most unexpected format and you have the makings for a wildly popular gift bag. The remembered Cuba is alive and well in Miami. Take it home with you through our Taste of Cuba presentation.

$85.00 plus tax and delivery.
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Miami and the Beaches Monopoly

Our visitors will definitely have something to talk about with their family and friends when they take home this unique rendition of a classic game. Monopoly-Miami and the Beaches are reflective of the fun activities, architecture, and whimsy that South Florida has to offer.

Note: A percentage of proceeds from the Monopoly Miami and the Beaches edition are donated to the Dade Heritage Trust, the leading voice for historic preservation in Miami-Dade County. Founded as a nonprofit, membership organization in 1972, Dade Heritage Trust works to preserve the architectural, cultural and environmental heritage of South Florida through advocacy, education and restoration.

$44.00 plus tax and delivery.
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Ocean Drive Collection Watercolors Note Cards

Remember the visit to South Florida with reproduction prints note cards.

5 pack Note Cards
$17.50 plus tax and delivery.
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Uniques Night Lights

$45.00 plus tax and delivery
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It’s Award Season!!!!!

The Tidal Wave is available from 6″ to 30″. Make a statement with this custom made piece!

$15.00 per inch plus tax and delivery. Engraving additional.
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A Good Wave is equally unique with a brass plate for recognized name.

 $12.50 per inch plus tax and delivery
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Let there be light!

$50.00 per plus tax and delivery. Setup charge may apply.
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Sunset on South Beach

Original limited edition reproductions on acid free paper from artist’s original paintings. Artist rendition of the famous Art Deco Ocean Drive. They come in various sizes for your guests to enjoy. 8×10 Matted.

$30.00 plus tax and delivery
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Tropical Chocolate Collection

Close your eyes. Imagine a luscious piece of chocolate filled with exotic fruits, and sense how it melts slowly in your mouth. Enjoy the feeling? This delightful assortment will take you to a tropical paradise, where the chocolates are each filled with flavors of tasty fruits such as mango, passion fruit, orange, coconut and pineapple. Dairy Free – Gluten Free – Egg Free – Alcohol Free.

Prices start at $22.00 plus tax and delivery for 12 piece box
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True Tales from the Tamiami Trail

The construction of the road through the Everglades connecting Florida’s East and West coast was an engineering marvel! Many of the stories in this book capture the daily struggle of the brave men who forged across the wilderness that used to dominate South Florida’s landscape. Heavy equipment for its era was used to assist in the creation of a trail, then a path, then a road.

$10.00 plus tax and delivery (can only be sold with other items)
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Miami Design Preservation League

“Art Deco Weekend 2012” Poster- Small Version. This piece of art is perfect for display in an 8 x 11 frame. The signed poster will be a unique keepsake for the time spent in South Florida.

$17.50 plus tax and delivery
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Recycled Picture Frames

These frames are made by hand from old lobster traps from the Florida Keys. Each frame is uniquely different, as all the wood ages differently underwater.

$15.00 plus tax and delivery
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Handcrafted Layered Wood Frames

For more than thirty years, this Florida artist has been creating extraordinary works of usable art from thin sheets of what other furniture makers consider ordinary wood – He painstakingly laminates the sheets together with black glue to further enhance the shapes, then carves the blocks of created wood with grinders – the sculptures are
then finely hand sanded, and given a smooth protective clear coat finish that allows the wood’s hidden beauty to shine through.
Each piece is signed by the artist and includes an artist statement tag. Available in Natural or Stained with Green (both shown above), Whitewash, Smokey Grey, Golden Amber, Sea Blue, Sunset Red 7”x9” overall size displays a 4”x6” photo size

$44.00 plus tax and delivery
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Soap Art

Whimsical soaps are handmade using natural ingredients and free of *SLS ( Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)

Priced per piece. Starting at $7.50 plus tax and delivery
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Delicious Art

Artistry via clay ornaments and chocolate art! Delicious and exotic Florida flavors tickle your taste buds. These chocolate goodies are breathtakingly beautiful with artistic designs that capture the eye. The bold flavors and delicate designs make these handmade chocolates a unique experience. To accompany the chocolates we will have a hand-made Manatee ornament; a perfect reminder of the natural grace of South Florida and where a percentage of proceeds go to the conservation and rescue of our original mermaids of the sea.

$42.00 plus tax and delivery
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VIP Gift – Replica of the Key Marco Cat

The original Key Marco Cat was carved by a Calusa Indian artisan, circa 500-800 A.D. It depicts a half-human half-panther figure thought to be religious in nature and was discovered by Frank Hamilton Cushing during the Smithsonian-sponsored Pepper-Hearst expedition in 1896. Now part of the collections of the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C. This replica is 6-inches in height and carved in native Florida buttonwood using shark teeth and shell scrapers.

$58.00 plus tax and delivery
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VIP Gift – Replica of the Calusa Pelican

Among the artifacts excavated at the Key Marco site during the Pepper-Hearst Expedition in 1896, was a small pelican found with fragments of wing pieces. Highly finished and graceful, it was originally painted with white, black and buff-gray pigments. The original is 4.25” x 2.5” x 3” and resides in the collection of the University of Pennsylvania. This replica was created by Naples resident Peter Sottong and stands approximately 4.25” high from the base to the top of the head. A felt pad protects furniture. Because it has been individually cast and finished by hand and signed by the artist, each piece is unique. Also included with the item is a descriptive story card, also signed by the artist, giving a brief history of the piece.

$65.00 plus tax and delivery
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Chocolate Replica of the Key Marco Cat

The custom-made chocolate replica measures about 5 inches in height (close to the size of the original statue).

$25.00 plus tax and delivery
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Selection of Locally Made Organic Snacks

Original Biscotti; Chocolate Chunk Biscotti, Double Chocolate Chunk Biscotti, Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti, Toasted Almond Biscotti

Prices start at $15.00 per bag plus tax and delivery
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Tile Art!

All images are original art by local Florida artists placed on ceramic tiles by a process called “dye sublimation”. The original paintings are digitally placed in a polymer coating on the face of the ceramic tile. This is a nice feature because you can get the tile wet and it will not destroy the image. The only place not to put these tiles is in direct sunlight outside. The print will fade in direct sun. All ceramic tiles are 4.25″ x 4.25″ and placed in an aged marine wood window box frame.

$28.00 per tile plus tax and delivery
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Mini Masterpieces of Art

These beautiful 2¾ x 2¾ hand painted miniature artworks on wooden easels will delight your guests and give them a treasured memory of Florida to take home with them. Our artist depicts various locations, nature and sights that are familiar to South Florida: South Beach, Key Biscayne, the Everglades and Little Havana to name a few.

$30.00 per item plus tax and delivery
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Organic Fruit Basket from South Florida

Hand made basket filled with seasonal fruit, preserves and goodies from the regional co-op farms of South Florida. Basket contains delicious organic samples of seasonal fruit and homemade jams, chutneys, preserves and candies from our area growers and farmers markets. (Note: Picture on left is a place holder only. Our baskets will contain only locally grown items.)

Starting at $60.00 plus tax and delivery
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Miami Spice Cookbook

Miami Spice, written by Steven Raichlen, received a Julia Child Cookbook Award. It is a collection of delectable recipes representative of the hodgepodge of cultures from Miami. A fusion of Florida’s native cornucopia with Latin and Caribbean cooking.

$25.00 plus tax and delivery
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Florida Landscape

Clyde Butcher is a world renowned, award winning nature photographer. His work is reflective of the vast beauty and unique area of the Florida Everglades. His efforts not only show in his art, but he has been recognized for his continuous dedication to the conservation of Florida’s environment. Published in 2001, this is Clyde’s second book of images taken in Florida. His first book of Florida images, Portfolio One – Florida Landscapes, has been sold out. However, the Limited Edition is still available. Florida Landscape consists of photographs taken between 1991and 2001. The book measures 9×12″ with sixty pages and fifty photographs, including five spreads. The book also contains an introduction by Bob Bendick, Vice-President and Florida Chapter Director of The Nature Conservancy, as well as a message from Clyde.

$33.00 plus tax and delivery
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Mojitos on South Beach!

Your guests will be enchanted by these little mementos to remember the good times had by all. A Mojito recipe is presented along with a Miami themed coaster all wrapped up together in natural raffia. The hand-painted, terracotta pieces of art are all unique and something they will hold on to forever.

$30.00 plus tax and delivery
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Soy Candles

Your guests can enjoy the luxury of a quality soy candle. These are richly scented 100% soy candles which burn up to eighty hours, come in beautiful 14oz. glass jars and are available in a variety of scents. The wicks are made of cotton and contain no lead or any metal core material so they are safer for your guests and their families. In addition to the quality of the item once the candle burns out, your guest can dip into the oil and use it on their hand, feet, cuticles and elbows. Its special proteins are a luxury spa treatment while enjoying the wonderful scents of these amazing candles. We can arrange these items in one of our themed gift packages.

$22.00 per candle plus tax and delivery
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Guayabera Shirts

This is made of 100% Irish Linen.

Turquoise, Blue, Ivory, White, Yellow, Natural, Lavender, Light Blue, Light Sage

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