South Beach:Stories of A Renaissance


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Get attendees excited about the great stories of South Beach before they arrive for their stay.

The comeback of South Beach is one of the most dramatic phoenix-like events in modern American History. South Beach: Stories of A Renaissance captures the individual accounts of economic, cultural and political renewal that has created the dynamic international resort that is today’s South Beach. Written by Charles J. Kropke and Eleanor Goldstein, the book is a treasure trove of original stories and nascent legends. These stories are the culmination of over four dozen personal interviews with influential leaders of South Beach. When added to the original artwork of painter Joe Davis and the stunning photography from Joe and fellow photographer, Petra Mason, the book is a masterful addition to the existing literature of Florida history lavishly illustrated with 150 full color images including 4 double page gate folds. Publisher, Ausbert de Arce, founder of Assouline and Taschen America, has commented “this is one of the best books I have ever been involved with and by far one of the best ever on South Beach”.

Additional charge for signed copies. Author is available for speaking engagements.